Ahora los Padres pueden ganar dinero desde su hogar en Orange County/Irivine Con SD501

Ganar comisiones por la venta de SD501

Si usted es un padre o madre que se dedica únicamente a su hogar en Orange County/Irivine, quizás puede estar teniendo problemas para manejar el sueldo de su cónyuge. Si usted está buscando una forma de complementar sus ingresos sin tener que ir a trabajar fuera del hogar, yo le puedo ayudar.

Mi nombre es Aasar Bey y vendo SD501 desde mi hogar en Gardena.

Muchos padres que se quedan en casa en Gardena y Los Angeles/Ventura pueden ser capaces de aumentar sus ingresos con su propio negocio desde la comodidad de su hogar. El espíritu empresarial a través de un negocio en casa beneficia a sus finanzas de varias maneras porque puede:

Ganar dinero con la venta de SD501 y SD501/Kangen Water
Ganar comisiones por la venta de SD501 por otros miembros de su equipo
Evitar gastos de guardería
Evitar los gastos de transportación diaria
La ventaja de su oficina sin impuesto amortizaciones
Adquirir una valiosa experiencia en negocios y ventas

Para aprender a ganar dinero extra desde su hogar en Palmdale/Lancaster o Los Angeles, visita http://www.hello2alkalinewater.com/.

Enagic Distributor Aasar Bey

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Increase Profits By Cutting Costs

Increase Profits By Cutting Costs

An online or home based Los Angeles business generally has low overhead, but there are still ways to cut costs even further. As all Los Angeles entrepreneurs know, decreasing expenses increases profits even if sales are unchanged.

Shipping can often take a larger share of the budget than buying or manufacturing the actual product. Sometimes the most competitive Los Angeles home business owner is the one who has carefully researched shipping processes and found the most economical company and plan.

Have you ever thought about teaming up with other small business owners in the Los Angeles/Ventura, Palmdale/Lancaster, and Gardena areas? Buying office, marketing, and packaging supplies in large quantities can save a lot of money.

You are probably already using online social networks to market your Los Angeles SD501 business. You can also use social networks to learn from other Los Angeles home business owners. Fellow entrepreneurs in your industry have valuable knowledge from which you can benefit. Learn from experience–other people’s!

Speaking of learning from experience, have you backed up your business computer hard drive lately? Suffering a data loss can be super-expensive. Prevent a major financial hit by vigilantly backing-up.

If you get into a money-saving mindset, you will find all sorts of ways to cut the overhead for your Los Angeles home based business.

If you are looking for a supplement income opportunity in Los Angeles, contact me today. I would love to tell you how the SD501 home based business can earn you extra cash every single month.

Aasar Bey
SD501 home based business owner since March 2007
888.746.9997 hello2alkalinewater@gmail.com

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Why Do I Love My SD501/Kangen Water Biz?

easy home business Los Angeles/Ventura

Welcome to my SD501 entrepreneur blog. I would love to explain why I am passionate about SD501/Kangen Water, SD501, and the opportunity available with the top MLM in Los Angeles.

My terrific Gardena SD501/Kangen Water home business makes my life a lot easier. I can fit my work around my life – not the other way around. My family takes spur-of-the-moment vacays that would have been impossible with my previous employment. If I feel like working late at night, I can.

My Gardena SD501/Kangen Water has minimal overhead. I don’t need to dedicate a room for inventory. Unlike traditional Gardena retail sales, my profits are not reduced by middlemen and I don’t need to lease expensive retail space.

Moreover, I earn commissions from the cash generated by Kangen1, my acclaimed sales team. The SD501/Kangen Water business owners in my organization succeed together.

If you have never experienced a residual income business in Gardena, California or wherever you call home, now is the time to discover a better way of living. Imagine a a terrific business that provides you with income streams that generate cash while you sleep.

When you set up SD501/Kangen Water customers on auto-ship, the monthly transactions happen like clockwork with little effort on your part. This is not a get-rick-quick scheme. I assure you that you will have to put many hours and considerable effort at first, but I am confident that your hard work will pay off with an extraordinary income stream.

Find a product you believe in. It’s your turn to tap into the incredible goldmine of your own home business. That’s what I did when I became a local SD501/Kangen Water distributor in 2007. Call me at 888.746.9997 or visit http://www.hello2alkalinewater.com/ to sign up.

Aasar Bey
Gardena, California 90249

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Stuck In A Rut? Change Your Water!

what are the benefits of pH balanced water?

I’m Aasar Bey, Gardena, California’s very own local Independent Enagic Distributor. Thanks for joining me on my Enagic blog where I help water drinkers everywhere to put the puzzle together about the health benefits of alkaline water from the state-of-the-art Kangen water ionizing systems.

Today we’re going to look at how unprecedented Kangen water can change mental paralysis to active healthy movement in the right direction.

We’ve all been there, even as children we’ve been there. Our parents demand of us the humongous, overwhelming task of cleaning our rooms and then they nudge the debris toward the center of the room enough to shut the door. Leaving us to feel absolutely paralyzed.

Here we are today, the “houses” of our bodies all in disarray. We’ve got aches and pains that started small and now they are growing, while new troubles are piling up in the corners. My mother wisely told me as I peered around my room “If you don’t start somewhere, you’re going to get nowhere.”

You don’t have to be paralyzed any longer by the seemingly overwhelming task of taking care of your body. An Enagic water system empowers you with fresh, clean, ionized water. You can take that manageable step. You can start somewhere. You can start right where you are. I’d like to help you.

The valuable and amazing process of electrolysis yields Kangen Alkaline Ionized water. The ionization offers several effective keys to healthy living. There’s the antioxidant value that stops free radicals from wreaking havoc in your body. There’s the hydration value – ionized water can be absorbed more readily because of the micro-clusters the electrolysis creates. More water for each sip. This high quality alkaline water supply will flush out the detrimental waste your body does not need to hang on to.

Once you fall in love with your Enagic system, opportunities to do more for yourself will open up. Whether you’re interested in a sampling of this superior water, interested in learning more about the connection between your health and using SD501/Kangen Water or SD501 successfully, or interested in the lucrative side home business possibility of sharing the secrets to your natural success, contact me online hello2alkalinewater@gmail.com or on the phone 888.746.9997.

This doesn’t have to be hard. If you’re feeling paralyzed, concentrate and push through. Check out my website: http://www.hello2alkalinewater.com/ and take deep breaths, you can do this!

Independent Enagic Distributor Aasar Bey
Gardena, California 90249
888.746.9997 hello2alkalinewater@gmail.com

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Modern Risks, Modern Solutions With Kangen Water In Gardena, California 90249

balanced pH water Gardena

The Kangen ionized water filtration system offers a modern fix to modern risks right here in Gardena, California. The risk of free radicals, the risk of food borne disease, the risk of disturbed kidney function.

Free Radicals
The need for antioxidants for optimal health is greater today than ever. With the surge in junk food, soda consumption and fast food purchases, the expansion of dangerous free radicals loosed on the human body must be fought tooth and nail. What better way than with antioxidant processes that hunt down and destroy the free radicals that damage our precious cells and DNA? The oxidation process on a molecule can produce free radicals that move through the body damaging and breaking cell function. Antioxidation limits free radical creation and cuts off this growing threat to our precious health.

Food Borne Disease
Cleaning healthy foods with harmful chemicals or products can seem rather counterproductive. Cleaning produce and countertops with just water can seem like not quite enough. The beauty of ionized water is the ability for the pH to be adjusted to serve everyday purposes in many beneficial ways. Alkaline water can disinfect a countertop as well as effectively remove nasty pesticides residing on the surface of your fresh fruits and vegetables.

Kidney Function
And finally, ionized water for the hydration value rounds out the modern problems we face here in Gardena or wherever we call home. Our kidneys are faced with a lot of work in purging our bodies of all the waste we take in. Good tasting, healthy water washes through our system and especially our kidneys supporting their filtering process. The more water we drink, the more hydrated we stay, the more the kidneys are able to protect against toxic buildup.

The alkaline ionized water from Enagic products delivers heightened natural health protection, superior hydration, and risk free food sanitation in our modern day experience. Be an expert about your world, give alkaline ionized water a try.

Contact me, Aasar Bey, your go-to Enagic Distributor with Enagic at 888.746.9997 or hello2alkalinewater@gmail.com. I promote SD501 because Enagic is one of the best thing your body can consume and really can change your life. I really like SD501/Kangen Water and SD501. Ask me why…

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Food (Drink?) For Thought

what are the benefits of pH balanced water? Gardena

Welcome to a world of new and exciting thoughts about your health and financial security. There is much you probably already know and a few things that you might find interesting. But, remember, learning is essential as you go through life and feel the changes of age and wisdom engulf you. Discovering the back story can enlighten your ever-shortening future story.

I’m Aasar Bey, and I have discovered plenty on my fantastic journey with Enagic. Let me have your ear for a few moments and share some essential things you can glean when you learn about Enagic.

Who is Enagic International?
For over three decades, Enagic International has been a respected manufacturer of cutting-edge alkaline ionizers and water filtration machines. Kangen Water machines are used in hundreds of thousands of homes worldwide (many right here in Gardena, Los Angeles/Ventura, and Orange County/Irivine) to transform tap water into pure, healthy alkaline drinking water.

Our corporate philosophy is based on three basic principles:
Realizing true physical health
Realizing true financial health
Realizing true mental/metaphysical health

The Enagic Corporation feels that the personal nature of a direct sales marketing business model, utilizing hard-working, independent distributors like myself, is the best way to get the word out in California about Kangen Water and the Enagic pH balanced water home business.

We believe this sort of sales and marketing method is the most effective way of doing business in today’s California economy. In the past, wholesalers and retailers took the largest percentage of business profits, whereas Enagic believes that rerouting these profits BACK to the distribution force is the true meaning of Kangen Business. When considering this business model, you will realize that we are aptly named. Kangen, a Japanese term, means a return to the origin.

Interesting, right?

Anything that helps with improving the understanding of health and wellness for Los Angeles and their neighbors is well worth a straightforward phone call. I’d love to communicate with anyone interested in increasing their wellness knowledge. No pressure. Consider it an important invitation to a better, healthier life in this intriguing world- Aasar Bey International Distributor

Independent Enagic Distributor Aasar Bey
Gardena, California 90249
888.746.9997 hello2alkalinewater@gmail.com

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Drawing a Blank about Balanced Water in Gardena?

balanced pH water Gardena

I’m Enagic Distributor, Aasar Bey. Let me fill you in on the power of SD501/Kangen Water. Residents of Gardena know how essential hydration is for their cells. Just as protein is the building block of life, water is the great solvent of life. Water is a solvent in the body as it helps with transporting vitamins and minerals to many of the body’s cell systems. Water is also used as a solvent to transport waste and unnecessary materials out of the body, like excess salt. This role of water is part of why it is so harmful to become dehydrated.

Ionized water offers a healthy, delicious alternative to Gardena’s regular tap water. Kangen water is an alternative that my family and friends have found well worth the investment in zip code 90249. I may do this as a home business but I promote SD501 because Enagic is one of the best thing your body can consume.

Alkaline water is pH balanced to neutralize acidic environments. Acidic body chemistry no longer has to be a problem for my family. Our future is all about fresh and savory from here on out.

Producing alkaline water in home has been so convenient and straightforward. I’d like to have a frank and open discussion with you about ionized water. I can answer your questions and give you some food for thought. I am also currently seeking motivated entrepreneurs to be part of my Kangen1 sales team out of Gardena, California. Call me at 888.746.9997 at your convenience regarding the product or the home business opportunity.

In the meantime check out my website: http://www.hello2alkalinewater.com/

I ordinarily get asked about SD501/Kangen Water and the exclusive Gold Seal certification from the Water Quality Association on Enagic’s water filtration machines. I want you to be comfortable with every aspect of the Enagic Corporation and the quality we espouse. I can fill in all the blanks.

Talk to you soon. Stay hydrated.

Aasar Bey International Distributor

Independent Enagic Distributor Aasar Bey
Gardena, California 90249
888.746.9997 hello2alkalinewater@gmail.com

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Live, Work And Play The Kangen Way In Orange County/Irivine

balanced pH water Gardena

My name is Aasar Bey, Enagic Distributor, and this is my story of remodeling my life.

A while back I discovered the benefits of drinking pH balanced Kangen water. I discovered the most convenient way to bring plenty of this great tasting and effective alkaline water into my own home was to have my own Kangen Water Filtration system.

So, I remodeled my life around alkaline water.

When I invested in alkaline water I invested in a company I can stand behind. I found a company that creates an alkaline water machine unlike any other as well as a home business opportunity.

Then, I remodeled my life around using and promoting something I believe in.

I share balanced water because being able to control what goes into my body is vital. I promote SD501 because Enagic is one of the best thing your body can consume.

Enagic has a direct sales marketing business model that fits my lifestyle. In March of 2007 I joined Enagic as an independent Kangen water dealer. I’ve been promoting the remarkable health benefits of SD501 all over California ever since.

Making such significant change in your daily routine may seem daunting out there in Palmdale/Lancaster or Orange County/Irivine. I assure you it is an investment you won’t regret. Invest just a little time and you’ll understand your new SD501. It doesn’t take but a few basics to be able to make the fresh ionized water your body is craving under that hot Orange County/Irivine sun.

Kangen water is pH balanced water filtered and ionized in the convenience of your own kitchen. Healthy water for anywhere from Orange County/Irivine to Palmdale/Lancaster. Water quality problems don’t bother me now that I can indulge in filtered water from the convenience of my kitchen while I work from home. Best of all, my flexible Gardena home business also leaves time for play!

Whether you’re looking to supplement your income in Gardena, California or enjoy a self-employed business opportunity in Los Angeles I believe this is a chance you don’t want to pass up.

Check out my website: http://www.hello2alkalinewater.com/ and then contact me at 888.746.9997. I’ve got the answers for you. There’s no reason to delay. Build this top home business opportunity into your life today and you will enjoy health, wealth and independence under a solid structure.

Independent Enagic Distributor Aasar Bey
Gardena, California 90249
888.746.9997 hello2alkalinewater@gmail.com

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Ignore Aging With Healthy Alkaline Water In Gardena

balanced pH water Gardena

Hello, you’ve arrived at my Kangen water blog. My name is Aasar Bey, Enagic Distributor. Today I’d like you to look at what it means to “age” as opposed to “get older”.

Check out my Enagic website: http://www.hello2alkalinewater.com/.

My brilliant Gardena clients understand the difference between getting older and aging. They have the edge on their neighbors in Orange County/Irivine and Los Angeles/Ventura. The passing of time indicates getting older. Aging, on the other hand is strictly about the breakdown of the body’s cells.

Certain old-timers in California continue to say the younger generations are missing something. It doesn’t have to be deteriorating cells that cause wrinkles, skin that droops, and sometimes the gaining of weight. Neither young nor old have to look or feel old. We can all slow aging by committing to a healthy, balanced lifestyle right here in Gardena, California 90249.

Take on the challenge of drinking plenty of water. Kangen water systems provide high quality alkaline drinking water, pH balanced to reduce acidic body chemistry. Neutralizing dangerous aging-related free radicals in the body helps with keeping cells agile rather than fragile.

Common-sense anti-aging practices such as getting adequate restorative sleep, exercising consistently, and eating healthy can be supplemented with adequate fluid intake for all of California’s retired population. Drinking plenty of healthy water from SD501 brings out the desired stamina our precious cells need as time passes. I can tell you all about it.

Enagic has offered me an extraordinary Gardena home business opportunity that helps others face aging with a wise approach and a positive outlook. I have more I could tell you about water ionizers and the success of SD501. I promote SD501 because it is one of the best thing your body can consume.

Call 888.746.9997 to speak with me, Aasar.

Thanks for stopping by.

Independent Enagic Distributor Aasar Bey
Gardena, California 90249
888.746.9997 hello2alkalinewater@gmail.com

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Los Angeles

balanced water Los Angeles

I’m Aasar, and I am looking forward to your call. I am clearly ready to communicate with you and discuss Kangen water systems, whether you’re interested in the lucrative, entrepreneurial side or the essential health benefits.

When you consider purchasing a product of this magnitude, it is wise to find out all you can about the manufacturer, their corporate philosophy and customer service and the quality of the product. This is why we invite you to take a closer look at Enagic.

I don’t have to prove to anyone that drinking water is a key part of maintaining well-being. All living things require water as a basic factor for growth, rejuvenation, regeneration and longevity. But, I may have to convince you that acquiring a Kangen Water machine is a valuable investment in your family’s health.

If you have not tried balanced water before or have never considered the benefits of alkaline water on acidic body chemistry, here are some points to look at as you settle upon the best path forward:

What is in Los Angeles and Gardena’s tap water?

Tap water may contain pollutants too small to be filtered out.

Why are Kangen water drinkers so amazed at Kangen water?
Feeling in control of your health and well being is worth every cent.

Do I understand my own body chemistry enough to discount a need for alkaline water?
Sometimes acidic environments need to be neutralized by alkaline solutions. Contact me at 888.746.9997 for more information about the problems associated with acidic body chemistry.

Did you know that acidic water is a valuable and effective agent in cleaning household surfaces as well as for personal external hygiene?
Considering something besides your health, it’s one thing to have water that leans to the basic, alkaline side of the pH scale, but even harnessing the acidic pH can benefit your household and keep harsher chemicals from being flushed into the environment.

I’ve been on Enagic’s Kangen1 team since March 2007. My family has been truly blessed by what Enagic has offered us. Study this out. I’ll work with you to understand and proceed with this revolutionary technology. Check out my website: http://www.hello2alkalinewater.com/

I want to serve as many as are willing in Palmdale/Lancaster, Los Angeles/Ventura, Orange County/Irivine, and even Los Angeles. I’m based in Gardena, California 90249, but I can travel anywhere you happen to be. Thanks for visiting my Kangen water blog!

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